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The Middletown High School wrestling program philosophy is to create a team which possesses solid fundamental skills of wrestling, as well as tremendous conditioning, and mental toughness. These three areas will be key to accomplishing our goals.



1. Everyone is expected to complete homework, be an active participant, and maintain a positive relationship with your teachers. Negative classroom behavior will not be tolerated. Mental memory drills will take place if needed.

2. You must adhere to the athletic department’s academic policy in order to remain eligible.

            - Failure to turn in a progress report is an automatic 2 week suspension from competitions.

3. Our team goal is to earn NYS Scholastic Team Honors (more than 10 members with a 90+ GPA).


Weight Loss Policy:

Unhealthy weight loss/starvation WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! If the coaches feel that weight loss procedures are affecting your practice/match performance, the coaches reserve the right to move a wrestler up a weight class. Each wrestler will weigh-in daily and record his weight with a coach present.



1. You must attend all practice sessions. Everyone must be at practice, injured or not. If you are sick, you must see or call Coach Lichtenstein before the practice. Don’t assume that I know your situation.

- If you need to miss a practice for family or academic reasons, let a coach know ahead of time. All absences must be accompanied by a parent/doctor note in order to be excused. Anyone with an un-excused absence from practice will not compete that week.

- 3 unexcused absences will result in removal from the team.

- Missing 2 competitions for any reason other than illness (doctors’ note provided) or family emergency will also result in removal from the team.

- We WILL practice over Christmas break! Our holiday break will be from Dec 23rd-Dec 26th. Please plan accordingly.

- If you need to miss any event (practice/competition) and fail to call Coach Lichtenstein you will not compete in the next scheduled event.

2. You must make the weight you and the coaching staff agrees upon. For Dual Meets, you must weigh in before school in Coach Lichtenstein’s office.

- If you miss morning weigh-ins without a phone call to Coach Lichtenstein you will not wrestle that evening.

3. Enter the practice room with a purpose! We need to get better every day. Remember that we are all teammates. We need to treat each other that way. You are expected to be on time every day. If you are late because you are getting academic help, bring a note. If you are late because of a detention, your mental memory drills will take place.

4. You must inform the coaching staff of any skin infections.

5. All team members must be ready to compete at all times. Just because you are JV, doesn’t mean that you cannot wrestle in a Varsity event or that you will not have a JV match.

6. All team members are required to attend and will help in the preparation for, and clean-up after matches.

7. Middie wrestlers will ALWAYS shake hands with their opponent regardless of the outcome. Do not show hostile emotion if you lose and do not show arrogance when you win. NEVER criticize a referee. Look to your coaches anytime possible. Your coaches will make decisions for you in-between periods.

8. You must wear Middie Wrestling gear to all competitions. You will be issued a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and a pullover.



1. BE ON TIME! If we set a time to meet or leave, be ready. Get taped or treatment before or after practice.

- Study Hall or Weight Sessions begin at 2:35 prompt.

2. Treat your teammates with respect. Absolutely no hazing of fellow team members. We are a family.

3. The coaching staff does not condone fighting. You must report any problems to coach. The coaching staff will appropriately handle any situations that may occur in the room.

4. You must follow the drug and alcohol policy set forth by the Enlarged City of Middletown School District Athletic Department.

- The use of illegal drugs (i.e. steroids, street drugs) of any kind is strictly prohibited. If the coaching staff becomes aware of drug use they will address it immediately. Alcohol and tobacco use will result in immediate removal from the team.

5. You are responsible for any information sent to your voice mail, email, text message or our wrestling room message board. Please check www.middiewrestling.com as much as possible.

6. You are a young man, act accordingly. Keep your language appropriate. Wrestlers will be required to wear khakis and a dress shirt with your warm-up on all Dual Meet days. Our tournament dress code will be a relaxed one, but you must still dress with pride.

7. Getting into trouble with teachers or school personnel will not be tolerated. Do not do anything that will disgrace you, the school, team, or coaching staff. This type of behavior will be handled by the coaching staff.

8. Any gang activity will result in immediate dismissal from the team. The coaches will be in close contact with school administration to monitor this.

9. Wear clean clothes every day!

10. Shower in the locker-room or when you get home after every practice and match.

11. Do not leave dirty gear in your locker over night.

12. Use an antibacterial soap such as; Dial, Head and Shoulders, or Selsun Blue.

            - Look for Selenium Sulfide as an active ingredient.



1. When equipment is issued to you, you become responsible for it. Take care of it, do not damage it, exchange it with another wrestler, or lose it. If this policy is not followed, wrestlers will pay for lost/damaged equipment.

2. Singlets must be turned in immediately at the conclusion of home competitions and upon bus arrival from away competitions. We will wash them after every match.

3. You will be issued a pair of shorts, t-shirt, headgear, duffle bag and a warm-up before the first match. You will be responsible for any gear not returned.

            - Failure to turn in equipment will keep you out of all post season activities (i.e. Banquet, Off-Season Club, etc).

4. Wrestlers must wear appropriate athletic attire to practice every day. Tank tops, ‘rubber suits, ‘denim and street shoes are not permitted in the room. Wrestlers need to wear a headgear during practice. Wrestlers are expected to bring wrestling and tennis shoes to school every day. Any shirt worn to practice MUST have sleeves on it.


Inclement Weather:

Practice will only be cancelled if school is closed or if the school cancels after school activities.

The Middie coaching staff will never cancel practice.

Check www.middiewrestling.com when school is cancelled.



In order for an athlete to wrestle-off, they must attend every practice for that week. The coaching staff will encourage all wrestlers to wrestle-off, however, wrestle-offs are an earned privilege, not a guaranteed right. Wrestle-offs will start as one match. If a wrestler wins his weight class 2 consecutive wrestle-offs, then he must be beaten twice in a row to lose his spot. As tournament season gets closer, the coaching staff will decide when a wrestler becomes “protected” against losing his spot on the team.

Varsity Letter Criteria (must meet at least one of the five):
1. 90% average for all classes
2. 10 Varsity Wins (forfeits do not count)
3. Wrestle in 70% of Varsity Duals
4. Wrestle in the Sectional Tournament
5. Special Considerations - Coaches' selection

Conduct unbecoming of a Middletown Wrestler:

The coaching staff reserves the right to remove any wrestlers from the team who cannot and will not uphold the standards we set forth for our program. This includes internet posts (Facebook, twitter, etc) which negatively refer to teammates or coaches that is seen as detrimental to the success of the program.



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