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Off-Season Point Form 
This will determine off-season shirts, Maine and it will show the coaches and fellow wrestlers who is committing to greatness and who is not!

If you are upset about what is on here, you have a great opporunity to do something about it! WORK HARDER! Get your butt to in the weight room, get to open mats, and COMPETE!

Updated through 5/17
Updated as of 11/5

Will be adding 1 dual meet.
USM Checklist 
Donation Letter 
Here is the letter for the Match Program.
Donation Receipt 
Here is the Receipt Form so people can write-off the donation on their taxes.
Mighty Middies Wrestling 
This is the updated 2010-2011 version.

Progress Reports 
Off-Season Workout Sheet 

The true measure of a champion is what you do when noone is looking.

What will you be doing when noone is looking this summer?
How good will you be next season?
Have you started your quest towards the State tournament?

Point Form from 2011 Off-Season 
Take a look. This is what your teammates are doing to help us win the conference in 2011/12!

If you're unhappy with your score, start showing up!

updated - 5/16/11
(it includes spring sport totals, but that can be changed if your status on the team changes)

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